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Manufacturing Financing

Our team will work diligently to secure financing for  all of your manufacturing needs.

What we do

We offer multiple leasing and financing
options for manufacturing.

Experience leaner operations when leasing new equipment from Antares Leasing. By providing price transparency through industry-leading price benchmarking, Antares Leasing is positioned to give you the most competitive monthly costs on your equipment leasing and financing available.

Receive Worldwide Coverage.

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unrivaled options available

Domestic / U.S. and international financing available.

We have a wide variety of Manufacturing Financing available ranging from CNC Vertical/Horizontal, Machines
Lathes, Injection Molding Machines/Molds, Printing Presses/Folders/Cutters/Packaging/Labeling Equipment, Bottling Equipment, and Saws/Cutters.


A simplified financing process

We finance your equipment needs quickly and efficiently! 

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Documents are signed for pending approval

After approval get financing for your business.


We are ready to help you finance and lease.

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